About Madam


By day, Madam Killjoy is a nice, normal, female human person leading a rather ordinary life. At night she retreats to her lair, dons her jammies in sartorial sympathy with her hard-working husband and often finds herself quaffing cheap wine whilst pontificating — loudly and usually at the television — about politics, popular culture, commercials and other annoyances, all of which inevitably involve the grim realities of the Patriarchy. This blog was, of course, her husband’s idea, in a fruitless yet valiant effort to relieve his big important man brain of her hysterical and hormonal ravings. She kids, folks, she kids. Except for the part about the cheap wine. And that other part, about yelling at the telly. And those other parts, about being nice, normal and female. Well, she may not always be nice, and we submit that “normal” is subjective. At any rate, Madam is most certainly female. And she has a bone to pick with the Patriarchy.

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